All year round
with friends

... all year round!

What do all four seasons have in common? Each of them is perfect for taking a holiday!

Every season has its own charms and is “individual like you” - which is why it is also possible to stay at the aMoret all through the year. Sizzling action in summer, quiet hiking in autumn, surfing the deep snow in winter or perhaps it’s time to feel those spring feelings again? Naturally not just for loved-up couples. Simply for everyone. So actually all you still need to do is check whether you have packed the right clothes in your suitcase, right? If not, well that’s not a problem either! After all, there are some excellent shops in the lovely little town of Brixen that are open all year round. So now, preferably, you’d like to get to know every season of the year? You’re very welcome! At the aMoret we’re waiting with all kinds of suggestions for trips you can take, Patrick loves cooking seasonal dishes, and Irene loves buzzing around helping her guests with a smile all year round, making sure that their every wish is satisfied without even having to ask.

... for hiking!

The mountain calls and off we go!

But naturally not without you, dear guests! That would be the last straw! No, of course we obey the call of nature WITH you and hike like crazy. Prefer a more leisurely pace? Well that’s ok, after all on the Plose - incidentally, our home mountain - there are also lots of easily accessible places to stop for refreshments. By the way, there is even a cable car that runs to the top!

... for biking!

When you can’t go uphill, then you’ll have to go down

The Plose is the downhill paradise par excellence! There are countless trails to zoom down, and there’s something for everyone, be they pros, advanced riders or beginners. And best of all: there’s no need to expend any energy going up the mountain, since the train will carry you up in style.

365 days of fun, recreation and enjoyment at the aMoret


If you don’t give it a try, you’re missing out. That is because at the aMoret, a holiday is always fun - be it in winter, spring, summer or autumn. Perhaps some people might even discover a new favourite season? There are all kinds of things to discover:


  • hiking around the Plose
  • bike trails for cycling fans
  • e-biking with 360º mountain panoramas
  • skiing and tobogganing slopes
  • a Woody Walk Adventure for kids
  • the “Vertikale” climbing paradise in Brixen
  • shopping in the old town
  • the Toerggelen new wine festival in autumn
  • the Acquarena Water and Sauna World
  • and much more


A holiday at the heart of South Tyrol - if you don’t treat yourself who will?!

... for zooming downhill!

On toboggans or skis and ready, set, goooo!

The last one down to the après-ski in the valley pays for the first round! So what are you waiting for? Grab your skis, toboggan or snowboard and get down the mountain! Even beginners will manage on the perfectly groomed slopes, especially with the help of the delightful ski instructors. Let’s skiiiii!!!

... for amazement!

Winter wonderland in powder snow?! Right outside our front door!

Have you always wanted to throw yourself to the ground in the soft powder snow, swish your arms and legs in and out and afterwards gaze in wonder at your “angel”? Go for it! The wonderful winter landscape is an absolute dream in white!

... for strolling!

The bag in the bag that’s full of bags ...

Everyone knows how it is, right? There’s nowhere better for industriously collecting bags than in the shops of Brixen's old town. Or at the Christmas Market in December. Anyone who doesn’t like bags can just look at the historic Hofburg and stroll through the ancient alleyways.

... the fun begins!

Plose Bike

No matter whether you are the “charging relaxes the calves” or “fitness not electricity” type - in the Plose biking paradise, there is something to suit everyone. Although for the downhill trails it’s true in any case that if you don’t fall, then you’re not riding to the limit! Joking apart... it’s time to get in the saddle! Certified mountain bike guides will tell you the best places, tips and tricks and as a little highlight there is even the chance to “bike and fly”.

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