with a love of detail

... for inspiration!

Anticipation is half the fun! And it’s even better when it carries on.

What should we take home from our vacation apart from souvenirs? Wonderful memories, of course!

Irene and Patrick and team go the extra mile to ensure that their guests take as many of them home as possible. After all, as we all know, the magic is in the details. For instance, it makes a difference whether your meals are served with a smile. Whether or not you find a welcome gift in your room when you arrive. This is what makes the feeling of excitement before your holiday endure throughout and even afterwards. In short, at the aMoret, guests can feel the love of detail and passion for hospitality. So why not come and find out for yourself?

... for collecting precious moments!

It is the special moments that count!

You’ll experience an unbelievable number of them at the aMoret. There are lots of adventures to be had in the surrounding area. From culture and shopping through to exercise and historical, magical places, you will find something to suit all interests here.

All year round

Because everyone is different and has different needs, we have decided to open aMoret that is completely “individual like you”.

... Your Moret family!
... let yourself be carried away!

It’s bound to happen at the aMoret thanks to the aromas from the kitchen or when you sample the buffet.

... for having fun!

To be happy, you should have fun as often as possible.

... for seclusion!

Puberty is when parents start to get difficult.

At the aMoret there’s a perfect safe haven for dealing with all that: the teens’ lounge. Equipped with air hockey, table football, darts and lots more, there’s no possibility of the youngsters - or any others who have stayed young at heart for that matter - feeling bored. After all, fun and games always put everyone in a good mood.

All you need is … aMoret! A hotel to fall in love with

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