This is

The ultimate
in wellness

... for relaxing!

The world belongs to those who enjoy it!

That’s exactly how I see it, which is why I prefer spending my time relaxing at the aMoret.

They have a lovely outdoor pool there, where I can thoroughly top up my tan on sunny days - and what’s even cooler, with a cocktail in my hand. There is also a Finnish sauna and a steam bath - perfect for stimulating the circulation or warming up on cold days. The relaxation zone, also known as the quiet room, is the perfect place to relax, have a snooze or just daydream. And anyone for whom that isn’t enough, can also enjoy the facilities at the Acquarena Waterworld in Brixen free of charge. It could hardly be better.

Swimming pool

Summer, sun ... swimming pool!

A plunge into the pool is so wonderfully refreshing. And what’s more - as the saying goes – better to bathe in the water than swim in work. And when the weather doesn't play along? It’s off to the Acquarena indoor pool. And chin up, especially when you're swimming!

I’m not really hungry - it’s just my mouth that’s bored


Sound familiar? Happens to me all the time, especially when I’m lying by the pool. You can't get hungry just from lying down? As if! But happily there’s a snack menu at the aMoret. That’s right! And it has everything that the heart, er no, the stomach, could desire. In need of a bit of encouragement? There are:


  • Thirst quenchers
  • “Careful - hot!” drinks
  • Beers that go down very nicely
  • In vino veritas
  • An aperitif to start with
  • It’s gin & tonic time
  • A little treat (snacks)


Kids and adults love them so, yes we’re talking about Haribo (and snacks & drinks)!

Taking a sauna

Do your body some good,

so that your soul will want to live in it! For this reason you should head off to the sauna. The choice includes a Finnish sauna at around 90-100 degrees and a steam bath with temperatures between 45 and 50 degrees. So: perspire away!

Quiet room

A nap has never done anyone any harm,

especially not if beforehand you have done a few turns of the pool and treated yourself to a snack. And the quiet room is the ideal place for it. Snuggled in your bathrobe, it’s perfect for a nice snooze. Afterwards you're sure to feel fit as a fiddle again! Perhaps in time for a trip to the sauna?!

Your Waterworld in Brixen


The aMoret offers its guests year-round free admission to the Acquarena indoor pool. Water lovers will find everything they need to have fun there: fun pool, sports pool, kids’ pool, salt-water pool and a jacuzzi. In addition, in summer, visitors can enjoy the large sunbathing lawn, ball games and the children’s playground. Anyone wishing to also use the sauna complex will receive a 50 % discount on the entry price.

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